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Bootstrap Your Aurora Schemes ans users at Creation

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Context Since I like to automate kind of everything I can, I struggled with AWS Aurora for a client who needed multiple schemes and a non-root user. With CloudFormation (or even through the web console), you can only launch your Aurora database with one scheme and the root user. Some may say that we don’t launch an Aurora database that often, but hey, in some cases, you do. For example for a fast growing start up (web app editor) which onboard new customers every single month, and whose customers require to be on a dedicated infrastructure (yes, some still does). Read More...

Schedule Your Deployments in Production

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This article was originaly published on Osones blog. Some context Some of our clients asked us for a feature in their CodePipeline CI/CD that is not native to AWS: they need to deploy in production but on a schedule, for example only on mondays at 9am. As I said, that feature is not native to AWS CodePipeline service, so we used a little trick, triggering AWS Lambda with CloudWatch Events. Read More...


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